Srinagar – The Heaven On Earth

Srinagar, a romantic Kashmiri city situated in northern most end of Indian geographical graph is one of the most outstanding tourist destinations on the globe. The sparkling streams, historical lakes, striking greenery of beautiful landscapes and inexpressible beauties of nature develop around the tourist destination named it the heaven on the earth.

The cleaned and pure feelings of the tourist spot are preferred as the exact atmosphere for every human being in this world. Nature’s highly developed landscapes of Kashmir, leh and Ladakh craft inexperienced and unmatched moments to enjoy during vacations.

The pleasant climate of this Indian destination is the key attraction for tourists around the world. Summer season is considered as the accurate time for adventurous peoples, in summer when the landscapes feel free from snow; disclose various magnificent occasions for journeying and entertainment, such as mountaineering in the striking destinations around the legendary valley of the city or catching views of nature’s beauties while enjoying the rides on floating palaces.

Valley of Srinagar is a brilliant architecture of nature for those who are interested in adventurous games and plays, the mountains of the city allow visitors to perform various adventurous activities of their interest. These are the reasons to popularity of Indian tourist destination at international levels.

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India Travel

India is the largest and the most attractive tourist destination of the Indian subcontinent situated in the south of Asia. The country holds second rank in the highly populated countries of the world and seventh rank for the covered area. The country administratively controls 28 states and 7 territory unions. Almost every state enclosed different geographical, cultural, climatical boundaries.

India is a country controls several climate conditions at same time and can be categorized in the main six regions. The first one is the Himalayan region, this geographical area hold a position of adventurous and mountainous tourist place. The region is also known as the northern hilly area and is surrounded by some religious destinations.

The second region is the plains of the country also known as the heart of the country. The region includes the capital of the country New Delhi, the historical rivers Ganga and Yamuna and the most fertile agricultural area.

The west region is the area of beautiful deserts and the financial and Bollywood cities such as Mumbai, Jodhpur, Goa, Bikaner and the city of nawabs’ hydrabad. On the other hand the south region is the region of religious Hindu temples, the seaboard, islands of mainland.

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Punjab, state in northwest India, also known as land of five rivers is blessed by ten gurus of Sikh religion and great saints. Punjab has a great history and culture and in early time, the state was famous as golden sparrow of India. Whoever visits to this land, can never forget the beauty of yellow fields and Blue Mountains. This state is agriculture hub of India. After partition of India, a new state of Punjab was created with modern day Haryana and Himachal Pradesh being a part of this state. moderen boundries of punjab were decided on 1st november in 1966.

State had played a major role in the Green Revolution in the early 70s and proved its self-sufficiency in crop production. Punjab is connected to other Indian states by air, railway and good road network.

People of Punjab are famous for their hospitality. They always celebrate their festivals with much joy and the spirit related to the festival. Baisakhi is one of the famous festivals, especially for farmers, which is celebrated in the beginning of harvesting season. Here's folk-dance Gidha and Bhangra are famous all over the world because of its liveliness, catchy beats and up tempo music. For the Sikhs, this festival has a special significance because on this day in 1699, their tenth guru, Guru Gobind Singh had organized the Order of the Khalsa.

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